Our family and our mission

Why Are We Doing This?


We're on a mission to save lives by helping as many people as we can become healthier and more active while they're still alive.

We know that in countless research it shows that staying active and walking more has been proven to extend our human lifespan. Studies suggest that people who have access to a fitness tracker or a smartwatch that tracks your steps live a more active lifestyle because of the motivation that these devices give you.

Inventory of FitPro Smartwatches

For years the big corporations have made these fitness trackers and smartwatches far to expensive for the majority of us. They cater to the wealthier people who they can charge a ridiculous amount of money for something that should be available for everyone affordably, because it has helped save lives. If these devices have been proven so many times to help people become more active and live healthier and therefore prolonging their lifespan. Why are they not made affordably so that everyone could have one?

That's where Smart Band Watches comes in. Our mission is to provide a smart fitness tracker to everyone for FREE. We want everyone to be able to live healthier and be more active. Thanks for checking out our website and reading about our mission. Hopefully you share this with your friends and family so that they too can start living a healthier lifestyle!

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