FitPro Smartwatch

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FitPro Smartwatch

$0.00 $49.00 LIMITED TIME OFFER!
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    Our Mission

    To give away FitPro™ fitness smartwatches in an effort to help people become or stay active and live healthier!

    Studies suggest that people who own a fitness tracker or a smartwatch, tend to live a more active lifestyle, but we also see the high cost of smartwatches from big-name brands. So we decided to give our watches away for free in an effort to reach more people who can benefit from this technology.

    FitPro™ Watch

    • BPM & Blood Pressure

      You can monitor your heart rate through your band at anytime. Monitor your blood oxygen and blood pressure, know more about your body

    • Text, Phone Calls & Social

      Caller ID information, text message SMS / Skype /  Facebook / Twitter / Instagram and health notifications

    • Track Steps & Sleep

      Equipped with a gyroscope sensor your watch can track your steps. It can also track your sleep and give you a sleep score on how well you slept

    • IP67 Certified

      Certified with IP67. Tested to be dustproof and waterproof up to 3 meters. So get sweaty, wash your hands or take a shower

    Technical Specifications

    • Display

      1.3 inch large IPS colorful and bright display. 

    • Battery

      The watch comes with Battery capacity of 150 mAh. That will last for up to 4 days with regular use or 21 days standby.

    • Bluetooth

      The watch has built-in bluetooth 4.0. Which let's you connect to your smartphone with lightning fast speed.

    • Compatibility

      You can connect to almost every phone with Andriod 4.4 or above and IOS 8.4 or above