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Our Mission

To make fitness smartwatches affordable in an effort to help people become more active, and live healthier!

Studies suggest that people who own a fitness tracker or a smartwatch, tend to live a more active lifestyle, but we also see the high cost of smartwatches from big name brands. So we decided to give our watches away for FREE in effort to reach more people who can benefit from this technology.

No Catch, It's Really Free! Just Pick a Color

We're on a mission to save lives by helping as many people as we can become healthier and more active. That's where Free Smart Band comes in, and our mission to provide a fitness tracking smartwatch to everyone for FREE just cover the shipping/handling fee.

We Understand You

We know it's not easy to get motivated and get to the gym. It's not easy to always pick the healthier food options when you're feeding a family of four. So we're making it easy to get a fitness smartwatch. Just pick a color and checkout, it's really that easy!

  • BPM & Blood Pressure

    You can monitor your heart rate through your band at anytime. Monitor your blood oxygen and blood pressure, know more about your body

  • Text, Phone Calls & Social

    Caller ID information, text message SMS / Skype / Facebook / Twitter / WhatsApp / Instagram

  • Track Steps & Sleep

    Equipped with a gyroscope sensor your watch will track your steps. It will also track your sleep score

  • IP67 Certified

    Certified with IP67. Tested to be dustproof and waterproof up to 3 meters.

  • Heart Rate Monitoring

    Equipped with wrist optical heart rate sensor. Your watch can show your BPM, Blood Pressure and even your oxygen level (oxygen saturation).

  • Water and Dust Proof

    Certified with IP67. Tested for Dustproof and Water. Use worry-free at the gym in the shower, outside in the rain, washing the dishes.

  • Packed With Features

    Smart Life Assistant, it can track your steps, calories, heart rate, distance, sleep quality, and more. At the same time, it can be connected to a smartphone to show text and incoming phone calls, or use it to take photos remotely.

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Orders are processed daily. You will receive your watches in the mail as fast as 4-7 days with express!

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Enjoy your brand new stylish smartwatch. Keep yourself active and track your fitness goals.